Adjunct international Professors

International Adjunct Faculty, QA and Thesis reviewers selected by BQS
International Research Expert Advisory committee (IREAC)
Prof Ravishanka  NS  PhD FBQS(hon)   BQS   Law and Leadership studies  Representative    (India)
Prof I charles PhD JD MBA FBQS(hon) FICP FIMBA DP ACQI      Business and International Law
Prof G C Deka PhD FBQS(hon)      Computer science Representative of BU  (India)
Distinguished University Prof Christopher Oyat  PhD DSc FICP FBQS(hon)  GULU University     Management and Business studies  Representative of BU (Uganda)
Dr F Idahosa Msc PhD  Ballsbridge Business school       Marketing studies
Dr   O martin PhD   Social policy development   (UK)
Associate Professor Dr R  Wooldridge PhD      Education and research  (UK)
Dr Rahul Mistra PhD     Financial management   (India )
Dr F Roemawi  MBA PhD FBQS(hon)   Business administration (  Indonesia)
Dr   Naveen mehta PhD Litt.D FICP   English      (India)
Prof E Mohamed          Engineering        (Golf countries)
Dr E Campbell    Health and Social care studies
Dr Praise E Idahosa        Hematology  research  (Nigeria )
Distinguished Prof Luis E Abad MD DO MBA PhD DSc FICP FBQS(hon) DP Ophthalmology  (Argentina)
Prof John Dominic PhD DSc Dlitt FBQS(hon) Karunye University       Library and information science  (India)
Prof Suart Hendin JD LLM LLD QC  University of Ottawa,  Law    Canada)
Dr Olatunji Okesola PhD    Computer Science, Nigeria
Prof Parag chatterjee  Professor of computer science  ( India)
Prof Dr Silvana De Lima Abad MD(Acu)  Professor of traditional Chinese Medicine (Brazil and Argentina)
Prof Pratik N Sheth Professor of chemical engineering- Oil and gas engineering – India
Prof Dr Nagaraja Mohan,  Research fellow oil and gas engeneering BU Ghana
Distinguished University Professor Dr Bright Chima Megbo FCIEA FBQS  Federal University wukari         Biological Science and representative of BU  (UK and Nigeria)
Prof DR MICHAEL ADUSEI BOADU, PhD., MPM, CHRA, CPLA, AAPM, CHRM, FCIPD, CILT (M)  Prof of HRM  and  regional representative Takoradi   (Ghana)
Prof Dr Austin Nosike PhD DBA Dlitt,  University of granada,  Management  Representative Spain/Nigeria
Prof Dr Jacinta A Opara Ed.D PhD, Environmental Science kampala international university, Representative  (Uganda/ Nigeria)
Prof Daniel Ntsokolo Sandi, Adjunct Prof of Theology and Business Administration, South Africa
Dr prashant Sinha PhD FBU FBQS FICP , CWSIR India  Adjunct Faculty   India
Dr Raul Valverde DBA, consciousness studies, Adjunct Faculty, Canada

Adjunct Faculty Zambia

Prof Charles Idahosa – President ICP –UK, PhD,LLM LLD,FBQS (Hons), FICP(Hons)

 Kwesi Atta Sakyi – DBA(USA),MPA,BA[Econs],Cert.Edu,Dip[Admin],NDP(Head of Research, Zambia Center for Accounting Society (ZCAS) Zambia.

Ezekiel S. Bob Jere – PhD,Msc,BA,MIAP(Head of ICT Programmes, Zambia Centre for Accounting Society (ZCAS)

Dr. Edwin Silavwe – D.Th,MA,BA,FICP[Hons],FBQS[Hons](Part Time Senior Lecturer, University of Zambia (UNZA) – Zambia

Alfred Nawa – DBA[H.C],Bsc[Hons],BSW[Hons](Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police/ Deputy Commanding Officer, Zambia Police Service, Paramilitary BN Headquarters)  Lusaka –Zambia.

Bishop Anthony Mwami – DTh,BTh,MA,FICP[Hons],Certified Master Coach(CEO/Executive Director – Mwami Group, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana) Zambia

Dr. George Riff – Germany & Thailand Base Visiting Professor(International Programs Adviser – Business University of Costa Rica, America Central)

Three selected members from the list above and the candidate supervisor will approve the final thesis. BU Thesis supervisors, BU distinguished professors, BU academic fellow, ICP fellows and external international expert in a particular field and wishing to be listed here to review thesis or Quality assurance advisory should apply online.