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Available Programmes ( programmes not listed here are available in affiliated campuses for classroom teaching)

To register for these courses use the online application form or contact the nearest Country director or representative of Ballsbridge University in your country. All courses listed here were formerly approved by the Board of Quality Standards international.

List of programmes

Advanced Certificate in Management and IT Level 5 (1 year)

Advanced Diploma in General Management level 5  (1 Year)

BA Forensic Accounting   Level 6 (Top up for accountants and business graduates)

BA HRM   Level 6  (1-2 years ) top up

BA management and Business law   level 6 (top up)

BBA  Management   Level 6  (top up)

Beauty Therapy Diploma  level 5  (1 Years)

BSC engineering Management Level 6 (1 year top up)

MA Business law level 7  (1 years)

MSC/PhD TCM Chinese Medicine  Level 7/8  (1-3 years)

Diploma in Management and Marketing Level 4 (1 Years)

Diploma in Nursing Level 4/5  (2 years)

Physician certificate certificate Level 4 (1 year)

Doctor of Management Studies Level 8  ( same as DBA)

Doctor of Business Administration Level 8 (2 to 3 years depending on exemptions )

PhD Management  Level 8  (3 Years)

PhD Business Administration Level 8 (3 years)

MA/PhD Law   Level7/8   (3 Years)

JD Law    Level 8  (3 years)

LLD Law   Level 8 (3 years)

MPA Public Administration /PhD Level 8  (3 Years) First year MPA and 2 years PhD dissertation for PhD )

MBA General Management  with specialisations Level 7 (1 Year)

PGD Health and safety  Level 7   (1 Year)

MSc Finance  Level 7  (1 Year)

MSc HRM  Level 7   (1 year)

MSc Petroleum engineering  level 7/8 with PhD dissertation (3 years duration)

PhD Metaphysics Level 8 ( 3 years)

BTH/PhD Theology  level 6/8 for professionals

BSc Nursing  Level 6 for Professionals  (2-3 Years) for professionals

MSc/PhD Public Health  Level 7/8    (3 years)

MSc/PhD Consciousness studies ( 3 Years)

MSc/PhD Geology

MSc/PhD in Transpersonal Psychology